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Ikibu Casino Review

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    Ikibu Review

    Up until now you probably always thought that a trip to an online casino meant accessing your favourite slots and table games, but at Ikibu playing the games themselves is just part of your journey.

    Instead of entering a functional casino lobby this stunning new high concept casino whisks you off to the other side of the planet to visit the land of Ikibu, and this extraordinary archipelago is a destination like no other. For starters, once you arrive you’ll be recast from casino player into the role of an Ikki, one of the island’s native inhabitants.

    Once you’ve become acclimatised to your new persona and new environment you’ll start to uncover a staggering range of possibilities as you play the games that are on offer in each different part of the island, and the more you play, the further your journey will extend.

    As you become familiar with each different corner of the Island you’ll accumulate seeds – Ikibu’s imaginative answer to comp points – and these can be traded with the island’s charismatic shopkeeper at rates that improve as you become a more seasoned traveller.


    In a word, Ikibu looks stunning. Forget the endless workaday casinos you’re used at looking at – this is entirely different, imaginatively built from the ground up with heavily stylised 21st century visuals complementing a vast array of tiled game icons. At any time you can follow your progress round the island by clicking the Journey button, upon which you’ll be shown exactly where you are.

    The initial setting follows a South Pacific-style tropical island format, but that’s just the beginning. Being a fictional Island there’s plenty of scope for giving you a vast selection of environments to play in and an enthusiastic Ikki will get to explore dark forests, burning deserts and freezing glacier lands.

    You’ll also need to keep an eye out for predators, though in the initial stages of your adventure these are not a threat as they’re unable to swim and can’t reach the inlet where you start off. You will, however, need to concentrate closely on what’s going on around you as Ikibu has plenty of challenges that you won’t find at other casinos - and offers substantial spoils to those that can negotiate them successfully.


    Despite its expansive, ambitious format Ikibu’s designers have made sure that you can take yourself off to your favourite fantasy island anywhere you can get a mobile signal and enjoy the experience just as you would on your desktop. We wrote this Ikibu Casino review using a tiny smartphone and had no issues whatsoever – and the site is optimised for all Android and Apple devices and worked in all major mobile browsers.

    We were wondering how a casino that features a vast array of backgrounds, maps and other on-standard features could work on the small screen, yet thanks to some serious ingenuity and a large dollop of imagination Ikibu has managed to squeeze itself nicely into mobile format with little difficulty.


    Acquiring Ikki status couldn’t be simpler. You’ll start your journey by filling in your email address, chosen password and mobile number – after which there’s a second screen that’ll require you to enter your name, address and a few other essentials. That’s all you need to do – Ikibu’s passport office will do the rest and you’ll instantly be sent a confirmation email.

    Many casinos require you to initially log in by clicking a link in the confirmation email, which we think is slightly inconvenient – but at Ikibu Casino you can gain entry to the island straight away without any unnecessary fuss.


    The challenges on your Ikibu adventure are brought to you by a carefully-selected mix of developers with Microgaming and NetEnt heading up the slots library, ably assisted by niche designers like NextGen Gaming, Play N’ Go, Thunderkick and Betsoft.

    Between them, these organisations have the lions’ share of the online gaming industry’s design and development talent, and they’ll ensure that every stage of your island adventure is filled with imaginative, colourful, high end games that never get stale.


    Once you’ve joined up you’ll be taken to what by Ikibu’s standards looks like a fairly typical lobby screen. You can, if you wish, just allow yourself to let the casino guide you through your journey and take each step as it comes – though even when functioning as a ‘normal’ casino, Ikibu has some great surprises:

    Towards the top of the main screen you’ll find a fairly rudimentary toolbar, though it actually contains some unusual ideas:

    Firstly, you’ll see the suggestions tab: These are games that Ikibu’s Director of Tourism thinks you’d enjoy. Quite how this extraordinary feat is achieved we’re not sure – perhaps this casino’s management team have some sort of extra sensory perception, but somehow they’re able to target games at you that they think you’d enjoy and we appreciated the effort they’ve gone to.

    Next up you’ll see a tab to show you the most recent games you’ve played. If you particularly enjoyed something then it’s easy to get back and play it again. Your journey through the archipelago may be a forward-looking adventure at all times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go back and play your favourite slots as often as you like.

    Speaking of favourite slots, the next button you’ll see is used for exactly that purpose. You can flag anything you particularly enjoy, making it easy to get straight to your most beloved games in a split second.

    If you fancy leaving the island in your own private jet then you’ll need a progressive jackpot win, and these are separate out with a handy button as well, giving you instant access to the biggest rewards in the business with fix and even seven figure jackpots on offer via over ten top progressive titles.

    There also a search facility as you’d expect – along with a handy category function which is quite unlike anything else on the market. A handful of other casinos categorise their games into fruit slots, adventure games, Egyptian games and the like, but the designers at Ikibu clearly know their stuff and have recognised that any player experienced enough to want a category button is likely to really know their gameplay and will want something more technically advanced.

    You can, therefore, split out games that have free spins, bonus games, sticky wilds, a falling block format, high or low variance games, expanding wilds or re-spins. This works well for anyone who’s spent an appreciable amount of time playing slots and we used it several times in the space of just a couple of hours.


    Just a every type of landscape seems to appear on the island at Ikibu, every type of imaginable game seems to make an appearance too. Whether you love action, adventure, rock bands, visual strategy games, traditional fruit slots, card games or even live dealer casino games it’s all waiting for you here.

    If you enjoy highly imaginative, visually stunning games that reveal their features straight away without the need to trigger any bonus rounds then NetEnt’s range will suit you down to the ground. They’ve managed to remain at the top of their game in both the branded and original high concept categories thanks to some superb visuals, well-chosen licencing deals and an unbeatable development and design team.

    Some great examples of their original games are Starburst and Twin Spin – both promoted up-front on Ikibu’s slots page. Starburst has acquired iconic status thanks to its trippy, hypnotic theming, both-way win lines and central expanding wild feature.

    Twin Spin takes the traditional pub fruit concept and hauls it firmly into the 21st century, giving you five reels with a guarantee that at least two of them will join forces and synchronise themselves, becoming identical with every spin. It’s a simple idea that works brilliantly as well as being highly visually arresting, and serves as a great example of NetEnt’s ability to keep players excited right from the first spin up until the very last.

    On the flip side of the coin, a great example of a heavily defined, branded theme from NetEnt would be their Motorhead slot, launched in September 2016 as the final leg of their NetEnt Rocks tour. This was preceded by the excellent Guns N’ Roses and Jimi Hendrix slots – both also available on your travels through Ikibu – and serves as a great tribute to one of the most notorious figures ever to emerge from the hard rock scene as well as being an excellent slot in its own right.

    Any Ikki visiting the progressive jackpot area will instantly want to know the answers to two questions: Are Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune both available? In both cases the answer is a resounding ’Yes’. These are the two big league record-setting monsters that everyone in the business talks about and will get the jungle drums thumping in a place like Ikibu – and quite rightly so.

    Mega Fortune features the most exciting jackpot round ever devised, with three concentric wheels yielding cash prizes or advancement to the next wheel in at each stage. Ge to the middle and you can win a vast amount – this game held the world record for the largest progressive win for several years with a haul of over €17 million paid out. Prior to this, Mega Moolah held the world record – a title it regained in 2015 with a win of £13.2 million won by a British soldier. 

    For table games fans there are plenty of options: You can enjoy random number-generated versions of Roulette and Blackjack, though at Ikibu Casino we’d suggest trying some of the more unusual options that aren’t available at most other casinos like Red Dog and Pai Gow Poker.

    Red Dog is a strategically-fascinating game that works by dealing two cards after an initial bet is made. If these cards are consecutive in value the bet is returned; if they’re equal or non-consecutive, then a spread is announced and the option to bet on a third card is given. It’s fascinating stud and much more complex than a typical table poker game – which is why it’s dying out at land casinos but online there’s no need to pay a dealer to host it so you get to enjoy it in virtual form.

    Pai Gow Poker is an extraordinary game, usually played for above-average stakes in land casinos, and not widely-available online. It’s considered to be one of the more complex table poker games, and not without reason – in this game you need to make not one but two best possible hands out of seven cards, which – as you can imagine – comes with a whole host of strategic challenges that you won’t get in a simple game of, say, Three Card Poker.


    Yes – but like everything else at Ikibu online casino it’s nothing like you’d normally expect. As a fledgling Ikki you’ll be rewarded with seeds as you complete the various wagering–driven achievements that enable you to journey round the islands. These are planted, and as you cover more and more territory they grow into trees that will yield fruit.

    Once picked, your fruit can be traded at the island’s shop for free spins and other commodities – and the further you progress round the island the greater the rewards on offer – though you will find that there are more hazards to deal with in the form of extreme weather, hostile predators and difficult terrain.

    Negotiate all of this and you’ll become one of the elders of your tribe – and that, of course, means special privileges.


    Freshly-minted Ikkis are offered a 100% deposit bonus worth up to £100, though as you make your way up through the ranks of your tribe you’ll be made more offers of greater value to reflect your level of seniority.


    At the time of writing Ikibu was the newest kid on the casino block, but as far as we’re concerned it’s only a matter of time before the plaudits start appearing.


    You can get plugged into the island grapevine using the live chat button located at the bottom right of the screen any time you like – or scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on Help to send an email via Ikibu’s webform.


    Ikibu accept all major debit and credit cards, pre-paid cards, em-wallets and UKash. Surprisingly they don’t take travellers cheques but this is unlikely to have a detrimental effect on your visit to the island.


    Card withdrawals will take from 3-5 working days (Ikkis get weekends off like the rest of us); e-wallet payments are completed within 24 hours, often in just a couple of hours.


    This is one holiday adventure that you’ll never forget. Ikibu have added an entire extra layer of entertainment value with their exotic island chain environment and it gives you an extra incentive to make regular visits. If you’ve ever enjoyed a top-notch platformer like Super Mario World or the Zelda games then you’ll appreciate how much difference it makes to have an overarching journey to complete as well as the individual challenges that are on hand each time you play.

    Ikibu isn’t the first site to try the Island of Adventure idea, but no-one’s pulled it off as spectacularly as this. This is one vacation that could last for years…

    Ikibu Bonuses

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