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United States
Sorry players from United States are not accepted at Jackpot247 Casino.
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Jackpot247 Casino


Watch live roulette on Sky TV AND play top Playtech slots

    Players from United States can’t access this bonus.Here are some bonuses for you!

    Jackpot247 Casino Review

    Jackpot247 is known primarily as a live roulette operator on Sky TV and Freeview - which is still a fair assessment as those games are what make them (almost) unique in the marketplace. Their sister company is Supercasino, which offers a near-identical product, however Jackpot247 is a little more contemporary, with brighter colours and more upbeat presenters.

    However, both operators do in fact have very well appointed Playtech casinos in addition to their live TV offerings, enabling Jackpot247 to offer a full range of branded slots, industry-leading table games and other headline gaming options that any other casino would offer as their main product. Let's take a closer look in our Jackpot247 Casino Review.


    Jackpot247 have too much to lose by being anything other than squeaky clean, and we were unable to dig up any dirt on them whatsoever.


    Jackpot247 are not a fly-by-night operation: With a TV presence to maintain its important that they keep a good reputation, so everything works smoothly, and - as you'd expect - there is no download involved. Whilst some other Playtech casinos still cling onto the idea that making you download their casino in order to benefit from their offers is still acceptable, Jackpot247 won't even offer it as an option, which shows that they're on top of their game.


    Playtech's 200-odd strong catalogue is well-known to all players with more than a passing interest in slots, and all the latest and greatest offerings can be found at Jackpot247. More importantly, though, they can be played for fun: Why this mode isn't available across the board we'll never know, but any casino worth its salt will let you try out the game before playing them for real money.

    Particularly impressive titles at present include The Sopranros - a respectful and highly-affectionate tribute to a great actor and a great series - The Pink Panther , a surprisingly complex, fiendish challenge that'll test your strategic abilities right down to the very end, and Everybody's Jackpot , the world's first true community progressive jackpot game: On this slot, when somebody wins the progressive jackpot they'll get 70% of it, whilst the rest is paid out to all the other players who've played the game recently.

    Half of the 30% is paid to all players who've recently played it, whilst the rest is distributed proportionately in favour of those who've played the most. it's the perfect way to the benefits of a progressive game without having to suffer the impossible odds of a regular-style jackpot.

    Factor in the Marvel series with recently-launched game like Ghostrider and The Avengers , and you've got the best set of branded slots on the market. Despite efforts from fellow slot giants Microgaming and Net Entertainment, no-one can keep up with Playtech when it comes to putting out great games based on your all-time favourite movies: The former companies have tried, with games like Scarface and The Dark Knight - but they simply doN't have the volume to really threaten Playtech in any remotely tangible way.

    Jackpot247, though, does have table gaming options outside of its live TV offerings, which many players forget. If it seems odd that they stream live games in from Latvia on top of their Sky TV broadcasts, it's worth remembering that the latter are not broadcast 24 hours a day, leaving players wanting to join in at odd hours with unhosted auto-roulette games, which may not be to their taste. If all the live options aren't enough for you, Playtech's virtual games are easily the best non-live roulette options in the industry, with the wheel on their 3d Roulette game by far and away the most impressive random number-based roulette product made to date.

    Customer Service

    You can call Jackpot247 on 0800 081 1111, email them at support @jackpot247 or use a live chat window. Out chat session was answered within 15 seconds and dealt with efficiently, whilst our email query was sent a holding mail straight away and answered within 90 minutes.

    You don't operate what's rapidly becoming a national TV institution without the backup to go with it, and it's almost certainly fair to say that the virtual side of Jackpot247's business benefits from the TV broadcast side with way above average customer service.

    Freespins’ Verdict

    Avid slot players need to cotton on to Jackpot247 as a credible place to play. There's every reason to come here and ignore the TV-based roulette games whilst you check out the latest ideas from Playtech, and once you see it in that light you'll start thinking of it as your Playtech casino of choice.

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