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    Supercasino Review

    Virtually everybody in the UK has encountered Supercasino at some point: Their presence on Sky TV puts them into the consciousness of anyone with a standard TV package, and you can’t help but catch their shows as you inevitably flick from channel to channel. They offer hosted roulette at peak times and un-hosted automatic games round the clock, which – as far as the average viewer is concerned – is all they do.

    You can play these games using your phone, though unbeknown to many Supercasino also have a website that they broadcast through as well – and even more surprising for many is that they have a fully-fledged casino in its own right for you to play at. Let's find out more in our SuperCasino review.


    Supercasino were the first outfit to broadcast roulette games on TV and are still the best-known operator in that market. In fact, that’s all they’re really known for but in terms of customer service and payout speeds on their site as a whole, we were unable to dig up any dirt on user forums whatsoever: Hardly surprising really, as with a major TV presence they’ve got too much to lose from any negative publicity. Broadly-speaking we’d put them on a par with the likes of Virgin or Sky Vegas in terms of reputation – again, both brands are well-funded and don’t need to skimp on customer service or mess you around by not paying you on time.


    Supercasino use software and broadcasting services from NetPlay TV Ltd for their live roulette games, however everything else on the site is 100% Playtech: There’s a full installation featuring all the latest slots, and it’s all instant play – no downloading required whatsoever.

    The games can be checked out without making a deposit to see if you like what they have to offer, and we found that even with a low connection speed the TV broadcasts seemed to work well.


    If you want to play live table games – including roulette – then, amazingly, you can do that without using the Sky broadcast games and simply using a standard Playtech feed from Latvia, which also features on this site. Whilst that may seem like overkill, don’t forget that the Sky TV games are not hosted 24 hours a day, whereas the Playtech ones are. You can also play live, hosted baccarat and blackjack with Playtech which you can’t on Sky, so they really have laid on everything for you here.

    There are also virtual table games too, but given all the other options here they probably never get used much – though if you’re a first-timer and want to learn the games, then they would be of use. Of much more significance are the slots: We’re not going to try and convince you that Supercasino have a better range of Playtech slots than anyone else, as all Playtech sites have the same selection of games with almost no exceptions. What you

    do get here, though is a great, no-nonsense lobby with easy access and the fastest loading times we’ve come across. Bring a major player in the online and broadcast gaming business comes with a greater level of development resources, so you can be sure that everything will work here just that little bit better.

    All the headline Playtech slots are up front, with the inevitable Marvel series vying for position with Rocky, Great Blue, The Pink Panther and some other less well known titles that really merit further investigation.

    As leaders in the branded slot market we expect Playtech to churn out action movie slots by the bucketload, but they do have deals outside the world of Hollywood blockbusters – and the newly-released Baywatch slot is a prime example: The most watched TV show worldwide in history, this show is perfect slot fodder with its blue sky setting and photogenic cast.

    The other often-overlooked side to Playtech’s range is their set of sports-themed games, all nicely lined up for easy access at Supercasino: There are two Top Trump-branded soccer games - World Football Stars and Football Legends – plus Football Rules and Tennis Stars on offer, along with Golden Tour if you’re a golf fanatic.

    The selection here is a solid reminder that Playtech are not just about Marvel games, excellent though those games are. If you fancy exploring the other top titles more obscure games that they offer, we can’t think of a better place to do it than Supercasino.

    Customer Service

    Every angle is covered here with live chat, email support, freephone help on 0800 1984 777, or you can even make postal queries by writing to them at Net TV Group Ltd, PO Box 356, St Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 3XQ

    Freespins’ Verdict

    Supercasino are missing a trick by not publicising their slots more. Yes, the Sky TV games are a big deal but they've got an incredible all-round casino offering on top that passes too many people by

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