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United States

Vegas World


Popular social gaming with free spins

    Players from United States accepted

    Vegas World Review

    Ever since the likes of Zynga came along with global phenomena like  Farmville , the idea of social gaming has gradually taken off – and quite rightly, too. More and more players are discovering the sheer thrill of playing for the sake of it rather than to make some sort of second income, which is a testament to just how much fun casino gaming can be and proves that it’s a far more wholesome pastime than some doubters would have you believe.     

    The success of these applications, however, is something of a happy accident as US gaming laws make playing for money online so difficult that other ways of providing gaming to American citizens have been developed. It therefore comes as no surprise that  Vegas World is intending to roll out a real money version of its casino to non-US players in due course, but for the foreseeable future anyone can use it and enjoy playing for free and building up credits. 


    Vegas World is less than a year old, but anecdotal evidence found on gaming user forums puts them ahead of the competition, with more 5-star reviews than any other rating. Needless to say, most online casinos stand or fall on their payout speeds, but this one doesn’t need to so there’s no need to worry about its jurisdiction, customer service record or any other traditional factors.


    The look, feel and operation of Vegas World is reminiscent of a Facebook application in terms of styling: The bold, friendly and slightly brash look is somewhat cartoonish and almost childlike in places, despite the Vegas strip background in the lobby. This makes total sense, though, as it’s meant to be all about fun – and a similar vein it’s extremely easy to use, being fully Flash-based and 100% instant play. Upon logging in you’ll initially be a little confused as though you’re allowed to pick an avatar and start exploring the different rooms, you’ll have a guest login. To get a real one and sign up, use the blue Account Upgrade button on the top right.  


    Playing games here requires virtual gems or coins rather than money, and you’ll be given plenty for free upon joining, though you’re allowed to buy more with real money if you wish. Whilst this may sound crazy at first, if you’re a regular visitor and want to send virtual gifts to your friends and do some serious socialising in the virtual nightclub and other public rooms it’s a very easy way to increase your balance.     

    You can, however, get gems by watching short videos from various sponsors as well, which is a very clever way for the site to keep itself afloat at no expense to you. The games themselves are split into a number of categories:  The two blackjack options allow you to play alone, or in a group. Given that this is a social casino, the latter option is way more preferable and the formal, hushed atmosphere found in a typical online blackjack multiplayer virtual or live game is absent here: It’s all slightly cartoonish, whilst retaining enough Vegas hotel ambience to remind you that you’re a guest in a card room and not playing a kids’ video game.     

    There two videopoker games, again very different from those you’d find elsewhere: The classic Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild variants are offered, but sporting either a puppy or swimsuit theme which will appeal to fun players rather than serious career gamblers. It’s all very harmless but the essential functionality is still there.     

    Next up is a bit of a surprise: They’ve got genuine Texas Hold ‘Em on the menu here. Upon first glance we were expecting this to be a Blackjack-style poker-lite table game, but it’s actually the real deal. Plenty of people love to visit the practice rooms at serious sites like Pokerstars, so why not learn to play here? It’s a lot less intimidating, far less stuffy – and you can socialise with the players round your table if you wish, buying them virtual drinks, and then catching up with them in the virtual bar, nightclub and hotel afterwards.     

    The main event, though is of course the slots: Being a proprietary site these are all 100% original creations, and there are 22 in total. In common with some other social gaming sites, you’ll need to score a certain amount on one game before the next is unlocked, however there are two slots open for new player here and they both played well.     

    Fruit Shoot Bonanza is a traditional pub fruit slot with a slight Wild West flavour, and it’s a classic 5 reel, 3 line challenge with 25 lines, wilds and scatters to keep you busy. There’s also, however, a progressive jackpot adding an extra layer of excitement that you won’t find on equivalent entry level slots, so it’s well worth a look.     

    For a more glamorous approach, check out the gemstone-themed Jewelbox Jackpot:: Again, there’s nothing strategically demanding, but the requisite wilds and scatters are present, and like all the slots at Vegas World the visuals are well above par with animated symbols and carefully-stylised backgrounds and reelfaces. The music’s not half bad either: This slot has a haunting, grown-up fairytale-style composition that trounces what you’ll find on similar games at much more prominent sites.  The remaining 20 games look impressive too: They’ve avoided the usual clichés, whilst going for themes that will appeal to virtually everyone, so there’s more than enough to keep anyone busy in this part of the casino.  

    Customer Service 

    Vegas World tend to steer you towards using their online community and forums to resolve any issues - it’s a more social way of dealing with queries after all – however you can email them at [email protected]


    Deposits can be made using all major debit and credit cards, or you can buy credits using your mobile phone or tablet. 


    Withdrawals are not made from Vegas Online

    Credit Cards Accepted 

    Visa, Mastercard

    Debit Cards Accepted 


    Currencies Accepted 

    All major world currencies are accepted

    Freespins' Verdict 

    Vegas World  is a bit special among its social gaming site peer group as it although you can recruit friends to play via Facebook it’s not actually accessed through that site. Otherwise, it offers similar advantages in that you can play great games for fun with a view to meeting new people as a reward for your efforts rather than making hard cash. Having said that, the setting is particularly impressive and the social rooms are more advanced than those on similar sites so it distinguishes itself more by its peripheral features and overall style – though if you happen to make a friend for life or meet your partner on here you’ll always think of the games as more of a means to an end than anything else – and why not?

    Casino Facts

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