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Cash Out Roulette launched at Betfair Arcade

Tim Crump in Roulette 17 Oct 2016
  • Win up to 288,000 times stake on Cash Out Roulette
  • Play the big new Roulette sensation and win a fortune in just a few spins!
Cash Out Roulette: A new way to capitalise on multiple wins

Win enough to retire instantly with Cash Out Roulette

We’re always on the lookout for the Next Big Thing in Roulette, and these days there are plenty of games that can reward you well in excess of the standard 35 to 1 inside payout with games like Novomatic’s Ra Roulette and Lucky Lady’s Roulette and IGT’s famous Double Bonus Spins Roulette offering far more in the way of strategic options as well the chance to significantly improve your bankroll.

At Betfair Arcade, though, they’ve just introduced the mother of all feature games with Cash Out Roulette from Be the House now available.

In keeping with Betfair’s stated policy of offering serious games for serious gamers, this incredible variant lets you wager on more than one spin, with consecutive wins bringing you correspondingly larger rewards.

If you’ve ever used Betfair’s Exchange Betting service ten the rules here will look a little less intimidating, but we found the best way to figure it all out was simply to open up the game and play around with the settings.

Firstly, you’ll need to select a market. If such a term sounds bewildering, don’t worry – what they really mean is ‘type of bet’. You can choose from single a number bet, evens bets including red/black, odd/even or high/low, Columns or dozens. 

You then need to decide which way to bet using the Selection button. For example if you pick the Single Number market you’ll be offered 1 to 36; select the Dozen market and you’ll be offered 1 to 12, 13 to 24 or 25 to 36. 

There are also two important buttons to the right of these: Spins determines how many times you’re going to spin the wheel – simple enough; and the selection you pick here will determine how many wins you can pick on the counter below. You’re therefore betting on how many successes you’re going to have over a pre-determined number of spins, so they don’t, in fact, have to be strictly consecutive.

After that you’ll select your stake, and a handy calculator will show you how much you stand to win if things go in your favour. There is, therefore, an endless set of choices on offer which means you’ll have a suitably head-scratching time devising an appropriate strategy. 

This is Roulette for grown-ups, and to give you an idea of the odds available if you select the Single Number market, set the spin maximum of 25 and wager on getting 7 wins in those 25 spins you’ll get a return of over £288,000 on a £1 bet. 

As you can see this is a way to win vast sums of cash rather than the standard 35 to 1 European Roulette payout, and you’ll need a considerable level of expertise when working out how and how much to bet in line with your own risk/reward profile. 

The rest of the game follows the usual format with all mod cons on offer including racetrack bets, auto-play and everything else you’d expect from a 21st century virtual roulette game, though it’s unlikely you’ll be making much in the way of ordinary bets once you’ve opened this one up. 

Betfair CEO Seth Freedman was highly enthusiastic about the new game, saying 
“We genuinely believe that Cash Out Roulette is the most ground-breaking development in roulette’s 300-year history. The beauty is that it doesn’t cannibalise those players who love traditional roulette, it simply offers an exciting new alternative. We’re delighted to have Betfair on board and the reaction from those that have seen it within the industry has been amazing. We’re confident that we have created something that will change the way roulette is played forever.”
It’s a strong claim, but having tried the product ourselves we’re inclined to agree – so if you fancy walking away from the Roulette table with a life-changing sum of cash, join up at Betfair Arcade right now. 


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Cash Out Roulette launched at Betfair Arcade

Cash Out Roulette is Betfair's new, virtual multi-spin game that lets you win vast sums of cash by wagering on consecutive outcomes

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