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Seven popular myths surrounding online gaming

Tim Crump in Slots 28 Nov 2017
  • Find out the truth about the biggest rumours in online gaming
  • Play with 100% confidence
Don't be fooled: Get the facts, not the fiction

7 misconceptions about online gambling

Online gambling is so popular now that it’s hardly surprising that some unsubstantiated rumours about it occasionally surface. Here are the top 7 examples of nonsensical comments you’ll hear:

  1. "It's rigged!"

    With the vast majority of online gaming outcomes determined by random number generators, it’s easy to assume that it’s relatively simple to weight games in casinos favour – but on fact they’re very heavily regulated.

    We only use casinos that have earned an eCogra Safe and Fair certificate, which is the Gold Standard for reliability in software-generated outcomes. It’s recognised all over the world and requires endless tests and software inspections to be carried out – so when your casino tells you that the game you’re playing has an expected return of 95%, you can be sure that someone will have made thousands of spins and as well checked the software to make sure that it’s correct.
  2. "They won't pay out if you win"

    Whilst there are some rogue casinos operating from far flung unregulated locations, there are hundreds of honest casinos. These are easily identifiable by the jurisdiction from which they operate, which should appear on the UK Whitelist:

    This list details all the jurisdictions that regulate their casinos as well as, if not better than, the UK. Non-payment of winnings will lose these casinos their licences, and the reputable ones won’t want that.
  3. "They operate in dodgy countries"

    In fact, it’s impossible to run an online casino from the UK. The betting taxes here are so punitive that nobody could make a profit from it, so everyone has to operate from abroad. That’s why even household names like Ladbrokes and BetVictor are based out in Gibraltar – but the regulations there, and in all the Whitelisted countries, are very strict.

    The other Whitelisted countries are Tasmania, Antigua/Barbuda, The Isle of Man, Alderney and any EEA (European Economic Area) country. The EEA includes some other low-tax locations like Malta, where you’ll find plenty of other reputable casinos – particularly those run by German or Scandinavian operators, who are as highly thought-of as UK-run casinos.
  4. "It takes ages to get your winnings"

    You won’t get your winnings instantly, but you can get them transferred to an e-wallet within 24 hours, and this is what we recommend. E-wallets like Neteller and Skrill are online mini-accounts that you fund with your main bank account, but by using the e-wallet to deposit and withdraw you don’t have to disclose bank details to anyone.
  5. "Your bank details are at risk"

    In fact, there probably nowhere safer than an online casino to transact with. The online gaming industry simply cannot afford to suffer a blow its reputation in this respect as there’s too much money to be lost, so they’re hotter on this than just about anyone else.

    Virtually all casinos (certainly all of ours) use the industry standard P-128 bit Secure Socket Layer Technology, which means nobody can gain access to your bank details. You’ll see this fact advertised at the bottom of most reputable casinos’ lobbies, and it’s important – though you can take ti for granted with any moderately well-known outfit these days.
  6. "You can't play without a UK bank account"

    Actually, you can. Some bookmakers like Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral will let you make withdrawals at their branches with basic forms of ID like a passport, and you can deposit using UKash. Virtually all casinos accepts UKash, which is simply a voucher you can buy at your local newsagent in return for cash plus a very small admin free. You then enter the voucher code at your casino, and you’re away.
  7. "The more experienced players will take all my money"

    The only way you’ll lose money to other players is on a genuine multiplayer poker site like Pokerstars or Full Tilt, or on a specifically-designated poker area of a UK sportsbook site. The table games you’ll find in a regular online casino like roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Craps may have other players present, but each of you will be playing against the house. It doesn’t matter how much other players win – that won’t affect your result at all. 

    Even table games that contain the word ‘poker’ are not true multiplayer poker games: 'Proper' poker sites that require skill to beat other players have games like Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha or Seven Card Stud; games like Caribbean Stud Poker and Casino Hold ‘Em fall into the same category as roulette, Blackjack etc: It’s just you against the house.  


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Seven popular myths surrounding online gaming

Popular myths surrounding online gambling examined in full

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