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Batman and The Joker Jewels slots: Free Spins and Review

Tim Crump in Slots 17 Jan 2017
  • Join The Joker in Playtech's second DC Comics slot and let him put a smile on your face!
  • Win with endless great features - plus the DC Superhero progressive jackpot
Batman and the Joker: Always a hilarious combination

Playtech’s recently-forged relationship with the DC Comics organisation has already given us the excellent Batman and Catwoman Cash slots, but the Caped Crusader’s notorious feline foe was just one of his best enemies – with The Joker being by far and away the most memorable.

Where to find free spins

These new Batman slots are the new jewel in the bulging Playtech crown and gained massive popularity in just a short space of time. Seriously: players are loving these games and the Joker Jewels is arguably one of the best. So it's natural to want to find some free play to enjoy these new games. All of the following casinos have a try for free option... but there is a better way to enjoy these games.

Where to play Batman & The Joker Jewels For Free

CasinoBonus / WageringPlay Now
20 Free Spins / 35x bonusPlay Now
£50 / 24 x bonusPlay Now
£100 / 50 x bonusPlay Now
£300 / 25 x (bonus plus deposit)Play Now
£500 / 20 x (bonus plus deposit)Play Now
£500 / 40 x bonusPlay Now
£300 / 20 x bonus plus depositPlay Now
£400 / 20 x (bonus + deposit)Play Now
£300 / 20 x bonus plus depositPlay Now
£100 / 20 x bonus plus depositPlay Now

The best way is to claim free spins from a casino; not only do free spins give you a chance to spin the game - you can also walk away with some real winnings. In fact, play your cards right and you could even withdraw real money straight into your bank account. Even that information would have the Joker in stitches. Why not try out one of our select partners above and wipe that smile off the Clown Prince's face.

History of the slot

Portrayed brilliantly by Cesar Romero in the 1960’s/70’s TV series, this obnoxious, grotesque, circus freak of a villain scared small kids and amused the rest of us with his nasty schemes and evil props. Originally a gifted engineer-turned chemical warfare super-criminal, he fell into tank of toxic waste after an altercation with Batman that permanently bleached his skin, enlarged and reddened his lips and turned his hair green. In fact, it’s fair to say that The Joker was perhaps the first person ever to sport a trout pout, and he was about has happy with his new appearance as a disfigured wannabe WAG after a bad botox experience.

Instead of going to the tabloids and the gossip rags, though, The Joker went insane, developed a permanent laugh and an unhealthy fixation on gaining revenge on Batman.

Visuals and sound

Playtech have brought The Joker to life brilliantly in Batman and The Joker Jewels slots, which sees Batman and his facially-warped nemesis in both standard and full-height stacked symbol formats along with trusty sidekick Robin, the Batmobile, Batman’s utility belt, his signature grappling hook, and pair of chattering wind-up teeth, the Batcycle and a joke gun complete with “Bang” flag. 

The reels and background have been given a very apt pink and green colour scheme with originals comic books scenes faintly visible behind the outer section of the game and winning symbols are treated to some well-executed animations. We also really liked the jazzy soundtrack that suited the flamboyant style of the game’s principal co-star and the brilliantly garish funfair theme that kicks in when his feature is triggered. 


One look at this game and you’ll instantly know it’s one of the higher-end Playtech slots, and that means features galore. In fact it’s every bit as fiendish as one of The Joker’s nasty little schemes:

The Batman vs The Joker Free Games feature is triggered by spinning the green Bonus symbol simultaneously on Reels 1, 3 and 5. All wins in this feature are multiplied by the Bat-Tastic Multiplier Meter. If you choose the Caped Crusader or the Clown Prince of Crime, you can add a 5 times multiplier to their side of the multiplier meter.

Whilst this feature plays out you’ll need to keep an eye out for the wild symbol during the feature as this move the multiplier meter to the left or to the right – there is no set amount of free spins as the feature ends when the multiplier meter lands on ‘End’. 

The Joker Random Wilds feature can be activated on any spin in the base game, at which point his distinctive laugh will leap out of your speaker and he’ll reward you with up to 9 smile wild symbols in any position on any spin.

Progressive Jackpot 

As with other Playtech DC Comics slots, there’s also access to the four way DC Superhero Progressive Jackpot. This is awarded semi-randomly in the base game – there’s no specific trigger for it, though it’s slightly biased in favour of higher-spending players. Once you’re awarded the progressive round you’ll be taken to a tile-turning game that works in a similar way to the Marvel equivalent that preceded the DC games, though this version is a little more exciting: Instead of turning tiles until three match up, you’ll accumulate points in specially-designed boxes next to each of the four differently-sized jackpots, with the larger pots requiring the most points. 

Disney’s recent purchase of Marvel’s movie division has led Playtech to look for alternatives to its traditional collection of superhero slots - but with new games like this on offer no-one’s going to be disappointed for very long. 

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Batman and The Joker Jewels slots: Free Spins and Review

Batman and The Joker Jewels slots lets you join the Caped Crusader and his greatest enemy in another classic action-packed adventure

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