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Batman & The Penguin Prize Slots: Free Spins and Review

Aaron Braund in Slots 17 Jan 2017
  • Defeat the slippery Penguin with free respins - holy jackpots Batman!
  • Free spins now available at select casinos
The Penguin's respins in action

Play the latest Batman slot without spending a penny

Usually, it’s the Joker that is touted as Batman’s number one arch nemesis. During the classic TV series that aired from 1966 to 1968, the Clown Prince made numerous appearances to antagonise the Batman. 

But there was another villain that made just as many appearances - the slippery Penguin. Yep, everyone’s favourite monocle wearing and cigarette smoking villain had many memorable moments on the show - and now we get to relive them in Batman & The Penguin Prize slots.

Where to play Batman & The Penguin Prize Slots Free

CasinoBonus / WageringPlay Now
20 Free Spins / 50xbClaim Now
£50 / 24xbClaim Now
£50 / 50xbClaim Now
£300 / 20xb+dClaim Now
£300 / 20xb+dClaim Now
£500 / 40xbClaim Now
£200 / 25xbClaim Now
£10 Free / 40xbClaim Now
£10 Free / 100xbClaim Now
£300 / 20xb+dClaim Now

Free Spins on Batman & The Penguin Prize Slots

Now live at Playtech casinos, this game is just 1 of 6 new entries into the software developers substantial catalogue of games. Trouble is - with so many Playtech powered sites, how does one find the perfect casino for free play? That’s where our  list comes in handy - all of these casinos have a try for free option meaning you can play with no detriment to your balance.

Of course there’s also the free spins route; casinos give free spins out regularly to let new players experience the thrill of new slots. Claiming a free spins deal couldn’t be more effortless; choose your favourite casino, spend 30 seconds creating an account and your free spins should be available to play. Easy money!


Running for a total of three seasons and spanning 120 episodes, it’s fair to say that the classic Batman TV series was a runaway success. In fact the show is regarded highly as one of the best pieces of American television in the 60s. Thanks to the new partnership between DC comics and Playtech, the classic series has been given a new lease of life in these brand new slot games.

Visuals and Sounds

If you want to see a textbook example of taking a much loved franchise and turning it into a slot game, then you will likely see no better example than these Playtech slots. The attention to detail is extraordinary and the spirit of the show really is imbued into the game. The real magic lays in the sound effects which are truly reminiscent of the classic series. When a bonus symbol lands on the reels, get ready to be treated to the unforgettable pow sound.

In the imagery department, the slot uses assets lifted directly from the TV series. Adam West, who starred as Batman looks glorious covering two reels and Burt Ward looks as camp as ever. Watch out for a big win to hear the trusty side kick exclaim some of his famous phrases from the show. Well what other slot exclaims “Holy Ravioli” after a massive payout? To say it’s satisfying is an understatement.


Unlike the other Batman games in the series, you may feel at first that this slot is just a bit villainous. No wilds or scatters… what kind of evil plan does the Penguin have in store? All becomes clear when you make your first win on the slot. The action starts on one set of a 64 payline and 3 reel slot - on the right, the Penguin stands suspiciously overlooking the action. You’ll know what he is hiding on your very first win which will subsequently activate the Penguin respin feature.

The respin takes place on a new set of 3 reels the Penguin was standing in front of. In addition, you will also find a new symbol: the Penguin himself. Make a payline win with this dastardly villain and you will move on to the next respin feature. Now the reels divide into 3 super sized reels with equally huge 2x2 symbols - to make matters even better, the number of ways to win has now increased to 4096. If you win on these reels, you move on to the final respin feature.

The reels will once again divide into two jumbo reels with 3x3 symbols - and yes, that 4096 ways to win is still very much there. Whether you win or lose on the final respin, the bonus round will end and you are free to take your winning.

Progressive Jackpot

The DC jackpot is one of the biggest lure of all these Batman games - 4 chances to win a progressive jackpot with any value bet? Sign us up. Winning these jackpots couldn’t be more simple; there’s no convoluted activation mechanic and no impossible symbol combinations. Nope, you just bet as you normally would - the jackpot round activates at random.

Regarding bet sizes, you can wager as little or as much as you like - even low value spins can trigger this progressive. With some slots only triggering the progressive round on the highest possible bet, it’s refreshing to see that even smaller bets can win. Once you enter the bonus round, you will be given the opportunity to pick from a face down grid of shapes. Flip a shape over and you will reveal a colour; this colour directly correlates to a jackpot. Match enough of the same colour and you will win that jackpot.

With the grand jackpot starting off at a whopping £200k minimum, these progressives are truly worth fighting crime for.

Our Verdict

The perfect tribute to one of Batman’s deadliest foes, Batman & The Penguin Prize slots offers an interesting bonus mechanic, attainable progressive jackpot and arguably one of the greatest fan services in all of online casino. Check these games out with one of our many free spin offers.


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Batman & The Penguin Prize Slots: Free Spins and Review

Batman & The Penguin Prize slots is one of the best new Batman games available - find out where to claim free play with over 800+ free spins.

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