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Gnome Wood Slots Free Spins and Review

Aaron Braund in Slots 6 Sep 2017
  • Enter the magical Gnome Wood where great fortune awaits
  • Watch out for stunning pixel perfect graphics, wandering wilds and free spins

Gnome Wood Slots: You’ll feel right at gnome

Gnome Wood slots is a 25 payline video slot from Rabcat Gaming and Microgaming. The game follows the adventures of a tiny gnome who lives in a cosy hidey hole beneath a mushroom covered hill. Visually, the slot draws you in with some of the most impressive graphics you will likely see in a slot - and then draw you in further with a fantastic feature set which includes wandering wilds. Let’s look at how you can get yourself some free spins:

Where to find Gnome Wood free spins

Before you go off Google searching for casinos to play this game - remember that the internet is somewhat of a wild west and there are some pretty terrible choices out there. The FreeSpins team want you to have the best time playing this slot - which is why we recommend these vetted Microgaming casinos:

Where to find free spins on Gnome Wood slots

CasinoBonus / WageringLink
£10 ND / 50 x bPlay Now
£1,600 / 35 x bPlay Now
£200 /25 x bPlay Now
£1,000 / 60 x bPlay Now
£100 / 35 x bPlay Now

Don’t see anything you like? Not to worry - you could always try Gnome Wood free via the free play method. Simply head to a casino with this game and find the slots list; hover over the games and you should find an option for practice mode or fun play. What’s the difference between this and free spins we hear you ask? Well, with the latter, you have a legitimate chance to turn nothing into something aka you can win real money with free spins. Free play is just a demo mode, meaning no matter how much you spin, you won’t be taking home that big win jackpot.

Visuals and Sounds

2017 hasn’t been short of contenders for best looking slot game - every week our eyeballs have practically been treated with another HD stunner. But we think Gnome Wood slots is taking home the gold medal this year; the slot isn’t just eye candy - it’s a full on 3 course dessert feast for your oculars. Everything from the grass to the fur on the gnome’s rodent steed is brimming with detail. To compliment the gorgeous visuals, a mysterious, eerie and magical soundtrack plays away in the background. While the tune is pleasant, it’s not enough to distract you from that all important gnome spinning action.


Funny enough, we would have to compare Gnome Wood to another graphical stunner - Jack and the Beanstalk slots. Sure, the games have nothing to do with each other content wise - but it’s clear Rabcat’s latest game takes some inspiration with regards to features.

And the most obvious and familiar feature is the wandering wild - which bears just a small resemblance to walking wilds from NetEnt’s Jack and the Beanstalk. When a wild symbol appears on the reels, the wild will wander across, spinning the slot for free each time the symbol moves. Once the wild reaches the end, it will drop off and play will continue as normal. It goes without saying that the wild card will substitute for all other symbols in a winning payline - which makes the wandering wild particularly valuable.

And that’s not all, wandering wilds can also randomly have a multiplier applied, for a further boost to your winnings.

And now for the Gnome Wood slot free spins; sadly, the bonus isn’t as elaborate as NetEnt’s famous slot game. Match 3 of the scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 and you will activate 10 free spins. There really isn’t any additional features during free spins; wandering wilds can still appear and they can still have a bonus multiplier applied. But apart from that - this is your standard free spins round, albeit one of the best looking around.

Our Verdict

Best looking slot of 2017? Very possibly - this game makes a strong first impression on looks alone. And while the Gnome Wood free spins can’t compare to the visuals and the games base games features - this charming slot from Microgaming is worth a no deposit free spin or two. You’re sure to feel right at gnome with this one.


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Gnome Wood Slots Free Spins and Review

Gnome Wood slots is a 25 payline video slot from Rabcat and Microgaming. Try it for free with our exclusive free spin offer.

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