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Fairytale Legends Hansel and Gretel Slots: Review and Free Spins

Aaron Braund in Slots 25 Apr 2017
  • Hansel and Gretel slots is the second game in NetEnt’s Fairytale Legends series
  • 7 bonus features including Candy House bonus!

NetEnt once again retell a classic tale in Hansel and Gretel slots

In the twilight of 2016, NetEnt launched the first game in their Fairytale Legends series; a series which would take classic fairy tales and reimagine them as slot games. Little Red Riding Hood received the first title and now we welcome Hansel & Gretel slots. 

This game promises just to be as feature packed as the first wild fairy wilds, full reel wilds and even a delicious candy house bonus round. To find the best free spins and all of the slot features, read on below.

Find Hansel & Gretel Slot Free Spins

Readers often ask us how they can play a slot without spending any real money - and they are often shocked by our simple solution. There’s two ways in actual fact - you can either head to a casino with a free play option (most casinos have this as a standard feature nowadays) or claim some no deposit free spins. We always recommend the second option - you are getting something for free with the chance to win real cash. And as it only takes seconds to sign up, you can try as many as you like - completely risk free!

Where to play Hansel & Gretel slots

Casino Bonus / Wagering Play Now
200 free spins / 35 x bonusPlay Now
£200 / 35 x bonusPlay Now
£500 / 30 x deposit plus bonusPlay Now
£100 / 20 x deposit plus bonusPlay Now
£100 / 35 x bonusPlay Now
£50 / 30 x deposit plus bonusPlay Now
£30 / Wager just oncePlay Now
£200 / 35 x bonusPlay Now
£1600 / 35 x bonusPlay Now


Hansel & Gretel is a widely told German fairy tale recorded by the Brothers Grimm almost 200 years ago. The story focuses on a brother and sister who are sent away by their abusive and selfish step mother. The children happen upon a house occupied by a seemingly benevolent woman, who is soon to be revealed as a cannibalistic witch. The children are imprisoned while the witch prepares them as a meal. Thanks to the quick witted Gretel, the witch is tricked and killed, saving both the children’s lives. While the fairy tale may be on the macabre side - the slot takes a much more light hearted view.

Visuals and Sounds

The Hansel & Gretel online slot, like most NetEnt games, is pretty much flawless visually. The graphics are a true joy to behold and the animation team have done a super job with the special effects. Whether you play on a PC or a mobile device, it’s hard not to awe at the splendid graphics.

A fairy tale themed slot wouldn’t be complete without a mysterious, eerie and magical type of soundtrack - and NetEnt’s latest ticks all the boxes in this regard. Combine the graphics and the audio together and you will experience one of the most immersive fairy tale slot experiences committed to an online slot.


What made Red Riding Hood slots so successful was the sheer amount of bonus features - and this game follows in the same general direction. Like the witches candy house, this game is simply brimming with goodies that can be unlocked on any spin. The first of which is the Fairy Wonder Spin feature - yes that good old fairy makes a reappearance and she’s spreading her lucky dust all over this slot. With the Fairy Wonder Spin, up to 5 wilds will be placed on the reels in random locations; and her wild magic powers don’t stop there either.

The fairy can also bless the Hansel & Gretel slot machine reels with wild reels. We have to praise NetEnt on the attention to detail on this wild, reminding us of the passage where the birds eat the children's breadcrumb trail. Occasionally, if the fairy is feeling extra generous, she may even magic up a stacked wild re-spin at no extra cost.

And even then the fairy is still not done; in the fairy surprise feature, our magical friend will randomly transform symbols into the same kind of symbol. If this happens to be one of the higher value symbols, then you can be pretty confident about a big win heading your way. 

You may see treasure chests spinning on the reels and 3 of these will activate a picking bonus round. Two of the rewards can be an instant coin win or free spins but the third could be something extra special: the candy house bonus round. In this bonus round, you will be required to pick candies from the witch's house. Picking candies will remove multipliers from the right hand side. Once you are left with a hand full, Gretel will offer you a chance to take a multiplier win (which is usually lower than the random multipliers remaining). Hansel on the other hand will allow you to choose one more multiplier which will be your final prize. The bonus round kind of reminds us of a weird fairy tale version of deal or no deal.

While the bonus round may not be as elaborate as the original Red Riding Hood slot, the pick and choose mechanic makes for much more interactive gameplay - and it is slightly satisfying to watch the witch fall on her bum once she has realised you have nicked all the sweets of her house.

Our Verdict

NetEnt return to this series with a strong successor and we simply can’t wait to see what is in store. The fact NetEnt have chose fairy tales gives them a wealth of material to work with and if they are all as strong as this one then slot players will be spoilt for choice.


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Fairytale Legends Hansel and Gretel Slots: Review and Free Spins

Hansel & Gretel slots is the second game in NetEnt’s Fairytale Legends series - find free spins and read the full review right here!

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