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Jackpot Giant Progressive Slots: Free Spins and Review

Aaron Braund in Slots 14 Jun 2017
  • Jackpot Giant slots is Playtech’s larger than life progressive game
  • Place max bet and lines to quality for the giant’s jackpot!

Jackpot Giant Slots: jackpots that really are larger than life
In 2014, Playtech unleashed a true giant onto the world of online casino; Jackpot Giant slots. Even among the developers substantial portfolio of progressive games, there was something about Jackpot Giant that immediately took to players. Was it the impressive graphics? Or the superb intro cinematic? Or it could just have been that this slot regularly pays out some of the biggest jackpots online… we put our bets on that last one. For more info on this slot and where to play - continue reading below.

Where to find Jackpot Giant Free Spins

Just like the giant himself, you can see a Playtech casino from miles off - they are absolutely everywhere and power some of the best blue chip casinos. However, they also power a number of sub par sites, casino’s that you would do best to steer clear from - these are the kind of sites with giant sized wagering and bordering on mean terms and conditions. So the free spins team have compiled this list of approved and totally awesome Playtech sites - complete with the best bonuses - take a look!

Where to play Jackpot Giant slots

CasinoBonus / WageringLink
30 ND Free Spins / No WageringGet Bonus
10ND + 90 Free Spin / 20xbGet Bonus
£10 ND / 30xbGet Bonus
£10 ND / 50xbGet Bonus
£300 / 30xd+bGet bonus
£100 / 20xd+bGet bonus
£10 ND / 50xbGet Bonus
Can’t see a bonus you like? Well, we have a secret tactic that allows you to get free spins on Jackpot Giant, for minimum effort. Simply choose one of our partner sites and navigate over to the games section. Once you find Jackpot Giant, hover over the game to see if the site has a try for free option. If it does, happy days! If it doesn’t - just move on to the next partner in the list. Easy peasy.

Ease of Play

One problem that many progressives share is that the bonus round is either hard to unlock or hard to understand - not so in this slot game. Playtech have once again created the very best in user experiences; controls are tight and highly useable with a number of different options for more advanced players (like autoplay). If you’re wondering how the game works, then you could always open up the paytable for explanations of all the features. This is a game that will appeal for new players learning the ropes and more established players looking for big payouts - and there’s plenty of payouts to be had.

Visuals and Sounds

Playtech’s animators should pat themselves on the back for the opening cinematic to this game; in this intro, we meet the giant who decides to pass the time away by having a game of toss the coin, resulting in a volcanic eruption of golden coins. Visually, this is one of the most stunning games in the Playtech library - which is saying a lot indeed. As for the sounds, you may find yourself tapping your feet to the boom-tastic backing music which comprises of tribal drums and percussion.


The slot features a familiar layout of 5 reels and a larger than average 50 paylines - which makes sense as every part of this game is larger than average. Let’s move on to the features - realistically, there’s only two of note to talk about. The first is the Giant Bonus and to activate this round, you will need the bonus symbol to land on reels 1 and 5. You will then be taken to a screen with a group of familiar looking volcanos. The bonus round is a pick and click sort of affair - tap or click a volcano to see what prize spews out. You have 3 picks and all, but if you’re lucky, you could pick up a +1 for an additional pick. Or you could get really, really luck and win all the prizes.

Now for the main event - the jackpot. To win the main prize, you need a 5 of a kind wild win to appear on payline one. That may sound difficult or unlikely, but there are many slots where winning the jackpot seems like a total impossibility. However, there is a catch to this slot - to qualify for the progressive - you will need to place the max possible bet and max number of lines. If you reduce your lines or bets, the game will kindly remind you of this fact as well. For a £5 million+ payout - it’s definitely worth digging deep.
You may be wondering why we haven’t discussed a Jackpot Giant free spins round - oddly enough, there isn’t one - this slot only has the two features listed above. A shame for sure - but do we really care about a free spins round when there’s a jackpot at stake?

Big Win Potential

There is huge potential to spin a life changing win on this slot game - in fact, Jackpot Giant recently set a record for biggest mobile slot win with a lucky librarian walking away £5.8 million richer. 

Betting Options

Most progressives have some pretty ridiculous betting limits - but this particular progressive is perfect for the budget spinner. While you can bet as low as 50p spin, it’s worth mentioning that you will need to make the max bet to qualify for the progressive jackpot - which is again extremely reasonable at just £4.

Our Verdict

Games like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune go big on the jackpots - but the games lack any real character, Jackpot Giant fixes that with his big jolly smile and a fist full of cash - this slot presents an excellent opportunity for the aspiring millionaire with low bet levels and giant rewards. 


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Jackpot Giant Progressive Slots: Free Spins and Review

Jackpot Giant Progressive Slots is Playtech’s stomping jackpot success - try it for free and win real money right here.

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