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Check out our top 10 telly slots!

Tim Crump in Slots 10 Dec 2013
TV: Great inspiration for some top slot games

Our top 10 TV-themed slots

If there’s one thing that Gamers love just as much as slots themed around their Favourite movies, it’s slots based on their top TV shows. After all, if you’re a fan of a TV series then you’ll have spent hundreds of hours getting to know the characters, memorising their best lines and chatting about them with your friends – so you’ve invested a large chunk of your spare time into them and will quite naturally really enjoy playing a slot that features them.

Unfortunately the best TV-themed slots are not that easy to come by: They tend to be overshadowed by the movie-based branded slots instead, and the TV-themed slots that are more prominent are usually based around game shows –which is a whole separate topic.

So: Without further ado, here are out top 10 TV show-themed slots, and where to play them:

  1. The Sopranos

    With the untimely demise of its biggest star this year, anything connected to this epic series seems more poignant than ever, and Playtech’s Sopranos slot is a fitting tribute to the great Mr Gandolfini, as well as the rest of the cast that made this show such essential viewing.

    The features are every bit as complex as the relationships between Tony, Carmela, Meadow and AJ and you’ll meet all your favourite characters with some expertly thought-out features featuring clips from the show, plenty of humour and a small amount of menace to keep things nicely simmering.Try it at Paddy Power or Betfred, and be prepared for a long session – but don’t worry: You won’t need counselling afterwards…

  2. Dallas

    There’s been a resurgence of interest in the much-loved oil-flavoured soap from the 1980’s, with a revived show featuring original cast members alerting a whole new generation to the show’s charms. What may people are unaware of, though, is that there’s a great slot based on Dallas made by Net Entertainment. Maybe Swedish-based Net Ent’s large audience of Scandinavian players are unfamiliar with the show, but you don’t tend to see this game promoted with any gusto – but it’s there, so visit Mr Green or Tropezia Palace and see what you can dig up.

  3. Baywatch

    This list couldn’t possibly be complete without the inclusion of Baywatch: The most popular TV of all time has been made into a great 39 line Playtech slot featuring David Hasselhof, Pamela Anderson and all the other central characters that we all knew and loved back in the day – whether we liked to admit watching it or not.Try it at Casino Tropez or Boylecasino and you’ll be treated to a blue sky for as long as you keep playing.

  4. The Love Boat

    This 1980’s show was classic weekend viewing, and probably wins the prize of for the cheesiest show ever to make it onto the screen, but it attracted viewers in their droves and the intro – memorably sung by Jack Jones – will have you tapping your feet and grinning from ear to ear before you even get playing.Try it at Paddy Power or Casino Tropez, and don’t forget your passport…

  5. Banzai

    Who can forget Banzai? The crazy, and invariably utterly tasteless stunts on this UK-based, pseudo-Japanese gambling show were enough to make you hide behind the sofa, yet we were all ultimately drawn towards it like moths to a flame. From grannies playing wheelchair chicken to blindfolded gas pumping we lapped it up and the slot, made by WMS – land casino experts of many years’ pedigree – is as much fun as anyone can handle.Play this game at Jackpot Party and all the memories of this crazy, ground-breaking hit show will come flooding straight back.

  6. The Osbournes

    Who can forget the day that Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly let us into their strange world? Microgaming’s great slot may be a warm tribute to the world’s most dysfunctional family, but it’s also got a pub fruit-style trail bonus, ten free spins and a host of other features to give you the time of your life. You may not be off your face on Jack Daniels when you play this one, but a few dozen spins will definitely leave you gasping for air.

  7. Happy Days

    This slot is very much off-radar, which is odd given that Happy Days was so wildly popular. It’s made by WMS, who make lots of land-based slots and therefore know what works, and in this game you’re treated to lashings of good ol’ 1950’s nostalgia plus some amazing free spin opportunities themed around record sales: Silver, gold, platinum and diamond awards earn you 10, 15, 20 and 50 free spins respectively.Travel back to the 1950s Milwaukee and meet the Happy Days gang all over again at Jackpot Party Casino

  8. Battlestar Galactica

    This epic series was better than most of us remember, and it’s certainly been given the star treatment by Microgaming’s development team. The 21st-century science lab visuals and nifty soundtrack capture the spirit of the show really well and you get to play 243 lines, meaning that every route from left to right across the 3 lines of 5 reels is a potential winner. Ladbrokes and All Slots Casino are just two sites that come to mind if you fancy checking this one out.

  9. South Park

    This game is THE big slot release of 2013: Forget the other big movie-based branded slots that were unveiled – this epic game from Net Entertainment beats them all. Each of the four central characters has their own feature – in some cases they get more than one - and the mini stories that accompany them are original, fitting and highly-imaginative. Mr Green and BetVictor are just two sites that will let you play it.

  10. Star Trek

    Last but not least, there’s WMS’s Star Trek. This is in fact a series of games rather than just one, but they come with a very special twist: They’re actually designed so that each one needs to be completed before you can unlock the next one. No other slot series has ever pulled off anything as audacious as this before, and it makes for a highly compelling experience. Any WMS site will offer these games, but Jackpot Party is their flagship site and therefore immediately springs to mind.

Many of these games really ought to be better known, but it’s hard for developers to know which shows are the most popular with their core audience. If your favourite TV show has yet to be made into a slot, why not write and tell your casino or join a players forum and see if you can get some support? It’s a buyer’s market at the end of the day, so if you think you’re missing out because your favourite series from yesteryear isn’t giving you free spins and jackpot, don’t suffer in silence!

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Check out our top 10 telly slots!

Some of the best slots around are based on classic TV shows, and there are some great examples around that you may not even know about! 

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