South Park Slots Review

Tim Crump in Slots 23 Sep 2013
South Park: Disgusting, rude, funny and supremely entertaining

South Park review

South Park is the most eagerly-awaited online slot for a long time: It’s not just the biggest game of 2013, but arguably the biggest release in the last few years thanks to the impact of he smash hit TV show that inspired it so expectations have been high for Net Entertainment to come with something impressive – which thankfully they have, with top sites like Mr Green, Tropezia Palace and Goldbet all enthusiastically promoting the game.

Net’s forays into the world of branded slots have been tentative prior to this release, to say the least: Only Scarface and Frankenstein have made them players in this most competitive of sectors, but South Park will undoubtedly ruffle feathers at the likes of Playtech and Microgaming:

The reason for this is Net’s determination to infuse their slot with the spirit of the show to an extent that’s not been achieved anywhere else before. The ripe humour is transferred onto the reels with no loss of rudeness, violence or expulsion of bodily waste products or prejudice against hippies – and  to achieve this without missing any of the essential traits among the major characters in the show there are a total of seven bonus/feature rounds:

Four of these are in honour of the main characters, and are all triggered by landing bonus symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5. It’s a 25 line game so this is quite easy to achieve, and from there the unpleasantness kicks off:

Cartman gets to shoot hippies with a water pistol until he unearths a metal fan who frightens them al off, and he’s then arrested and jailed by Barbrady with bonuses given out for the number of hippies he’s successfully squirted.

Kenny walks along the street picking up various items like coins and welfare cheques, and you’ll select positions in the road for him to pick up bonuses, multipliers and other goodies – that is, until he gets mowed down by a passing car.

Stan meets up with Wendy for a set of free spins with some very handy sticky wilds that stay put as long as he keeps throwing up in her face, whilst Kyle gets to kick baby brother Ike into various sections of a hopscotch grid for bonuses, multipliers and cash.

It’s about as unwholesome as you can get, and consequently exactly what true fans will want.

The three feature rounds are triggered at random, and like the bonus rounds they’re pretty frequent:

Mr Hankey splatters  himself over reels 1, 3 and 5 to make selected symbols wild during his free spins round, whilst Terrance and Phillip achieve a similar result on reels 2, 3 and 4 by farting themselves into the air. 

You’ve probably worked out by now that playing this game might not be a very good idea if you’re eating at the same time, though even if you have a particularly strong stomach the final mini feature game will finish you off: It takes you back to the 3rd transmitted episode way back in the early 1990s, when Cartman attempted to gain muscle by ingesting endless amounts of protein shake and acquired a mountain of body fat. The super-sized Cartman appears in a 3 by 3 set of symbols on the middle reels to make one giant wild in his free spins round, and it’s probably the most lucrative feature of the lot.

The is a low variance slot, meaning it pays out little and often: Hardcore gamers seeking to make a living out of slots may want to look elsewhere – but the rest of us will have a great time, and it’s available at all decent Net Entertainment casinos so join up or log in at BetVictor, Mr Green, Tropezia Palace, Goldbet and others for 2013’s biggest online gaming treat.