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Top 10 movie themed slots - Add a slice of movie magic to your slot games!

Tim Crump in Slots 28 Nov 2017
  • Go to the movies in your next slots session
  • Play top branded games featuring your favourite films and characters
The Mummy: Outstanding off-screen bonus rounds

Top 10 movie themed slots

Slots based on popular movies and TV shows are the most entertaining way you can spend your free time in an online casino these days, which is why millions are spent buying the rights to them and developing them. 

As an avid player, though, you’ll need more than background stills from the film and your favourite characters appearing on the symbols: The games themselves have to evoke fond memories of the film itself and pull you into the storyline to make the whole experience really come alive. 

So which games really manage to raise your pulse and let you relive the film all over again? 

1. Gladiator
Playtech are still the unabashed kings of the branded slot genre, and Gladiator – based on the Russell Crowe movie released on 2000 – is one of their finest. You’ll see characters from the film, with high resolution imagery in the background plus a stirring music score that makes you yearn for the days when spectator sports involved a true fight to the death and all the violence took place on the pitch instead of in the pub afterwards.  

This game proved so popular that Playtech even released a progressive jackpot version of the same slot – and you can play it at Paddy Power, Betfred, Ladbrokes Vegas and dozens of other Playtech Casinos

2. The Mummy
This movie and its sequels are the best historical action adventure series since Indiana Jones, and in the game you’ll get to watch Brenda Fraser, Rachel Weisz and Co doing battle with time travelling corpses, ancient curses and labyrinths filled with lord-knows-what. The off-screen bonus rounds are so convincing that a number of casinos have even had email from customers to say how impressed they were with them, and having played it at various sites like Betfred, Casino Tropez and bet365 Casino we can confirm that it’s jolly impressive.

3. Kong
We’re referring here to the Playtech version of the Peter “Lord of the Rings” Jackson film, as other developers have had a go at making a slot on this film to lesser effect. Playtech’s outing is a masterclass in cinematic slot design with the all-important intro movie ranking as one of, if not the best in the business – and the 2 off-screen bonus rounds are every bit as atmospheric, so if you’re into big-budget movie slots this is one you simply cannot afford to miss.

4. Hulk
It’s hard to pick out a favourite from the endless great slots made by Playtech under the Marvel branded, but the big green chap somehow edges most the competition out of the way with a set of thundering bonus rounds that see Dr Banner in full-on Angry Mode picking up cars and helicopters and throwing them around as though they were toys. His repertoire also includes some mind-blowing expanding wilds that come in all sorts of interesting variations, so be prepared.

5. Rocky
It seems light years ago that Sly Stallone came to prominence with a series of rather cheesy movies that nonetheless symbolised the American Dream like no other – and Playtech did them proud with Rocky’s first three films made into a blistering slot game. He gets to take on Creed, Drago and Clubber Lang with a genuine set of one-on-one fight sequences that aren’t just great to look at but can net you huge amounts of cash. Try it out at Boylecasino or Coral Casino and you’ll see what we mean.

6. The Dark Knight
The first in a series of two, this is the slot that put Microgaming back on the map when it came to branded slots. Not only were its visuals pin-sharp, but it was the first game to successfully use Microgaming’s trademarked Cinematic Spins technology: This allows you to set the opacity of the reels as they spin, with scenes from the movie itself playing in the background. It’s impressive stuff and hasn’t been emulated by anyone yet; it was introduced a couple of years ago in Microgaming’s Lord of the Rings slot, which sadly has to be withdrawn for legal reasons, so everyone was doubly delighted when this game surfaced.

7. Grease
With branded movie slots invariably made to satisfy the demands of a mostly-male demographics, it does seem that female players are short-changed quite badly in this sector – but Grease, available at Spin and Win, makes up for it. All your favourite characters are presents and correct, and you can even play the game in male or female mode, depending on whether you’re an aspiring T-Bird or Pink Lady.

8. Scarface
Although the Al Pacino version of this classic tale is in fact a re-make, as far as most of us are concerned it’s the only version both bothering with and Net Entertainment have done their source material proud with a suitably hard-edged game with the best clips and sound samples you could wish for. There’s even a ‘Say Hello to my Little Friend’ bonus. What more could you possibly want? Try it at Mr Green or Tropezia Palace Casino.

9. Frankenstein
Net Entertainment’s other big branded movie slot uses the original, definitive Boris Karloff Frankenstein for an affectionate tribute, that features two types of wilds, a brilliantly atmospheric intro movie and some impressive jackpots thanks to a multiplier that reaches 5 when you land the 10 free spins. You can play this at a variety of Net Ent casinos: BetVictor and 888 Casino are just two that come to mind.

10. Tomb Raider 2
The Tomb Raider slots have been around for some time and it’s easy to forget them with some of the more recent games that have been made – unless you play on your mobile at sites like All Slots or where it’s been re-made in mobile form to great effect. Weather you play online or on the move, you’ll have a great time zipping round the world to various archaeological sites and watching Girl Power in action with the ever-fabulous Ms Croft

11. The Avengers 

There’s no way that list would be complete with just one Marvel slot, and although it’s incredibly hard to pick a favourite we eventually settled on 2013’s The Avengers for its range of characters, and monstrous Wall of Heroes bonus feature which is the single most impressive bonus round on the market at the time of writing. Try it at Supercasino, Jackpot 247 or any other reputable Playtech site to see it for yourself.

You’ll find dozens more movie-themed slots on offer –especially at Playtech casinos, but if you want the pick of the bunch, we’d highly recommend the above.


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Movie themed slots

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Top 10 movie themed slots - Add a slice of movie magic to your slot games!

Everyone loves playing slots based on their favourite films, but you may not know what's on offer and where to find it - so make it easy for yourself with our top 10 guide!

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