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Paypal casinos UK sites are truly worth their weight in gold. If a casino offers the Paypal deposit method, then you can guarantee your online security and financial safety. The most important advantage of Paypal casinos is that you do not have to enter any of your financial information during the payment process; all of the information is stored in your Paypal account.
To authorise a payment, you simply need to login and confirm; no financial details are shared with the other party. Consequently, you reveal no sensitive financial information to external parties; in fact, you’re virtually anonymous. All of the following casinos will accept deposits using Paypal - making them some of the most secure sites around:

Free Spins at Paypal Casinos

CasinoBonus / Wagering Play Now
20 Free Spins / 50xbPlay Now
20 Free Spins / 35xbPlay Now
£100 Bonus / 35xbPlay Now
£10 Free / 100xbPlay Now
10 Free Spins / 20xbPlay Now
Up to £88 Free / 30xbPlay Now
£10 Free / 40xbPlay Now
30 Free Spins / NonePlay Now

The History of Paypal Casinos

Before we go into why you should be playing at Paypal casino UK sites - let’s have a brief look at the history of the world’s most popular payment provider. Paypal was actually launched in 1998 as Confinity, which was an early stage money transfer platform. In the year 2000, the tech entrepreneur Elon Musk merged his own online banking company with Confinity. One year later, would be known as Paypal, which would be released to the public in 2002.

LeoVegas - one of the many big Paypal casinos

The real turning point for Paypal was eBay’s acquisition that very same year for a modest $1.5 billion; over the years, Paypal has continued to grow, building a reputation for security and ease of use. It’s used by some of the world’s top e-commerce stores and online services providers like Microsoft, Sony and Samsung. It was only a matter of time before Paypal casinos were born, giving players a new way to enjoy their gaming online.

How to use Paypal Deposit Method

One of the major advantages of using Paypal over other payment methods is the ease of use. To use Paypal, you must first create an account - you will be asked for basic details like your name, address and eventually: your debit or credit card information. 

By far - one of the easiest ways to make payments online

Once you have these details saved in your payment account, you’re ready to start depositing! Simply head to one of the many casinos that offer Paypal and during the deposit process, you will be asked for your payment method. Choose Paypal and then simply enter your account email and password - you will then be taken to a payment confirmation screen where you can confirm the deposit
The beauty of a Paypal account is that it’s not just a secure way to store your card details; in fact, you don’t even need to add your card details to play at a Paypal casino UK site. You can also make bank transfer or payments directly into your Paypal account; those payments will be held in a balance that you can use to deposit. Of course, this is an excellent resource for anyone looking to budget their total gambling funds. 

Advantages of Paypal Casinos UK

There are a number of advantages of playing and depositing at a Paypal Casino. First and foremost is security; because no information is shared with the vendor, no other parties can access your financial information . Every transaction is heavily protected with the latest encryption technologies, meaning you should play with ease of mind no matter what Paypal casino UK site you choose. In the past, you would have to enter your card details directly into the checkout - meaning the casino has your details stored in their systems. With Paypal, you are the one in control.

Paypal's encryption technology means your details are safe

The second big advantage is convenience; how many times have you gone to play at a casino and then had to dig up your card details in order to deposit? Perhaps you just want to claim some free spins at Paypal casinos - but you need your card in order to verify yourself. Now if you play regularly, these instances can prove to be an annoyance. Paypal cuts out any need to find your debit or credit card - you just need to remember the email you used to sign up and your password.

Paypal Casinos UK Frequently Asked Questions

Still need some help with Paypal casinos? Here’s some of our most frequently asked questions and our expert answers to help you make the right decision.

Are Paypal Casinos safe?

They certainly are - in fact, these casinos are some of the safest around. If a casino has taken the time to integrate Paypal and accept the cost of using the service; they you can almost certainly guarantee that they value your online security and safety.

Is there a difference between Paypal and Skrill/Neteller?

Digital payment methods like Paypal, Skrill and Neteller fall under the category of e-wallets or digital wallets. All of them are very similar, but Paypal is by far the bigger brand. Skrill and Neteller do have their advantages however, like being able to use a prepaid Mastercard instead of a debit/credit card.

Paypal Slots UK: is there a difference?

We often get asked is there a difference between slots using a Paypal deposit or a standard debit card deposit. The short answer: nope! Aside from a smoother and more secure process making the deposit, there’s no difference playing a slot using a Paypal deposit or a debit card deposit. 

How do I claim free spins at Paypal Casinos?

Some sites will offer free spins to welcome you into the casino as part of a welcome package - once again, there’s not much difference between a Paypal transaction and a debit card transaction. If the site offers the free spins on a successful registration, then you have little else to do. If you need to enter your payment details to activate the spins, simply proceed by adding your Paypal payment method.

Where can I find the latest Paypal Casino Offers?

Convinced that Paypal is the right payment method for you? Well congratulations, you have just joined millions of happy Paypal customers the world over! To find the latest Paypal Casino bonuses or offers, you simply need to keep an eye on this page; we regularly update the site with the latest Paypal deals and offers as and when we find them.

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