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If you are even moderately serious about your online casino play, then chances are you have searched for free spins promotion codes. Unlike a deposit bonus which requires you to hand out money up front, often these codes require no exchange of funds. Free spins to try a casino and all you need is a code: that’s a pretty good deal in our opinion.

Latest Free Spin Promo Codes

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So… what’s the catch? Well, there’s no catches per se but you will be usually bound to the rules of your average deposit bonus. E.g there’s going to be wagering and the cash you can withdraw as real money is also likely to be capped. But that also means that these spins can be turned into real money if you play your cards right. And get something for nothing is a pretty good deal in our opinion.

How to claim a free spins promotion code

Claiming a free spins promo code is usually always a simple task, requiring just a few moments of your time. Having said that, each code may require you to complete certain steps before you can enjoy your reward. The two most common types of promo codes are ones you enter upon registration and ones that you enter while you deposit.
The registration bonus code is as it sounds; you enter the code during the signup process of a casino site. Normally, the sites make it pretty obvious where you need to add the code, but sometimes, you may have to take a closer look at the signup form. Bonuses paid from these types of free spins bonus codes are usually of the no deposit variety and are some of the most highly sought after.

One of the most popular games for free spins: Starburst!

Deposit bonus codes on the other hand are used when you make a deposit. When you are in the cashier screen of the casino, you should see the option to add a free spins promotional code - usually this can be found after adding the more important financial information. Bonuses derived from these types of codes are usually more extravagant than registration bonuses. Not only do you get more free spins but you can also expect to find fairer terms and conditions. 

What you need to know about free spins promotion codes

Bonus codes are one of the best surprises to find online - entering that code and seeing that bonus available in your account is a truly satisfying moment. Unfortunately, new players tend to fall into a few traps that sour the whole experience. If you’re thinking about using a code, here’s some important things to remember:

#1 Be careful when inputting the code

It sounds so simple right? All you have to do is type in several digits and these are typically simple words and phrases. This is no primary school spelling test - it’s just a bonus code. Well, you would be surprised how often these codes can be mis-spelt. The usual villain is numbers or letters that look similar to one another in certain prints. Unfortunately, you don’t usually get a second chance with these things - so make sure you get it right.
FreeSpins Quick Tip: If you do make a mistake during the code inputting process, make sure to contact customer services as soon as possible. Take note of the time and date and the offer in question; it’s also useful to know where you saw the code in the first place. Everyone makes mistakes once in awhile, and the customer services team is on hand to help.

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#2 Make sure you read the fine print

When you use a free spins promotion code, you are getting a bonus. And with any bonus, there’s bound to be some terms and conditions to wade through. Typically, the most important information will be found in the significant terms which can be found underneath any promo material. With these types of bonuses, you want to be looking out for the wagering requirements (how many times you have to play the bonus to turn into cash), if there are any withdrawal restrictions in place and if there is a limit on what can be turned into cash.
FreeSpins Quick Tip: always go for the lowest wagering possible! The lower the wagering, the more chances of your turning the bonus into cold hard cash.

#3 Does the bonus code have an expiry date?

It’s a sad truth but unfortunately, all bonuses have a shelf life. Because these free spins bonus codes are created around events and special occasions - they usually have a specific expiry date in place. To find the expiry date, you just need to look in the specific terms and conditions of the bonus code. If the code does have an expiry date, make sure you take advantage of it quick.
FreeSpins Quick Tip: bonus codes aren’t the only ones with expiry dates! The bonus cash will have one too, meaning you will have to play your funds within a certain number of days. Don’t miss out and make sure you get the most out of all your funds.

Cleopatra bonus codes: a rare and exotic treat

How to find free spins bonus codes

Let’s move on to the most important question: where do you find these free spin bonus codes? Well, right here! At, we collect the latest and best codes so you can enjoy more of the games and sites you love. You’ll not only find a range of codes to sign up at new casinos, but you will also find codes for existing casino promotions as well.

One of the best ways to find codes is via a casinos promotion page or via their email/text promotions. These codes will go out as part of a weekend or offer to commemorate a special event. A good example of this would be during an international football game, where the casino might want to benefit from the excitement caused by the game. Other good times to expect codes is around the release of an anticipated movie, a TV show or to enter a new season - bonus codes can practically come from anywhere! With text and email promo codes, the terms can usually be found in the email copy or a link in the text.

While we are here, we may as well shoot down a common technique which has proved fruitless time and time again. Searching on Google is not necessarily your friend when it comes to bonus codes. The trouble with using Google and heading to one of the many code sites out there, is that often, they have so many bonus codes that they simply can’t keep track of them and they end up expiring and being useless. The result? A frustrated person still search for free spins promotion codes! For up to date bonus codes that will give you results every time, you want to stick to a site like ours.

Gonzo: we're sure he wouldn't mind a bonus code...

Free spins promo codes can award a bonus on all types of games, you may get the free spins on a specific game themed on the promotion. You may be allowed to spin a few games or have a choice of games you get to spin with your bonus. Or you may even get these spin in the form of no deposit roulette. One of the most popular games free spin promo codes is Starburst slots; the popular NetEnt slot is commonly used for bonus codes because not only is it popular, it’s also insanely easy to play.

Alternatives to bonus codes

Bonus codes have plenty of benefits to them - but they may not be for everyone. One of the major drawbacks of bonus codes is that essentially, they work as a middle man. Why not save yourself some of the fuss and just head to a casino that offers a bonus or free spins directly? In this case, you don’t have to worry about using a code or mis-spelling one single digit - there’s no middle man to worry about. You also necessarily don’t have to worry about the code expiring and missing out; haven’t you ever felt slightly frustrated seeing a bonus code email and realising that it expired hours ago.
Well, it’s the same reason people will search online to save a few quid on an insurance deal or purchase - it’s all about value. The reason players prefer to stick to bonus codes is because they are far more rewarding than your standard bonuses; with a bonus code you are likely to claim far more bonus cash or free spins than you would without using one. If bang for your buck is the highest priority for you and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty around the internet, then bonus codes do offer the best value.
At the end of the day, promo codes are an essential part of the casino players tool chest - and we have collected some of our favourites for you to try on this very page. Try them out and experience why free spins promotion codes truly are the tip of the tops - happy spinning!

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