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Let’s face it; we’ve all picked up a paper with the latest National Lottery winner inside. And we’ve all had that what if it was me moment - imagining a scenario where it was you who ticked off those life changing balls. Well, here on our big winners section, we leave the lottery stars to the tabloids - and instead focus on the casino players who have become millionaires in mere minutes.

Now, winning a jackpot on a slot is indeed a rare occurrence - just like the lottery. However there are some important differences. For one, you don’t have to wait till that time on that particular day for the lottery to start - you just need to head to a casino and find a jackpot you want to play for. Secondly; the results with a slot game are immediate - you’ll know in seconds whether you can book that family holiday to Disneyworld. With a lottery, you have to endure the extremely slow process of the balls being called - often in the most drawn out way possible.

Last but not least, while there are many types of lottery draws - there are three times as many jackpot slots out there. And some of these have made headlines of their own. The biggest online slot winner was an ex British soldier who started casually playing a jackpot game on his mobile device - resulting in a record breaking £13.2 million online slot win that went straight into the record books. In many of these stories, the startling aspect is how much the bet cost. In this case, just 25p! Take that £2 Euro Millions tickets.

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He was playing a game called Mega Moolah slots - a game which perfectly sums up jackpot slot games. This unassuming slot game doesn’t look like the kind of game that could deliver a £13.2 million winner, but head into that bonus round and you will completely forget about the looks. The jackpot round is a spinning wheel which a player spins to determine which of four jackpots a player has one. 

It’s a popular format found in other slot games - like Mega Fortune by NetEnt. This game has delivered some outrageous winners itself and was actually the previous world record holder for biggest online slot win. Speaking of software developers, Playtech have one of the biggest ranges of progressive jackpot games out there which are regularly minting players.

First of all, we have a range of networked DC slots that share a progressive jackpot - these games include the new Batman slots and the Superman movie games. Then we have the famous Age of the Gods series - and epic series of Ancient Greek themed slots that  deliver Hercules sized payouts.

Whichever of these games you choose, it’s worth noting that many will stipulate that playing at max bet will increase your chances of heading into the bonus round. For £1 million+ jackpots, it’s definitely worth a cheeky spin or two...

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