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There you are watching the finale of your favourite TV show - it ends in spectacular fashion, leaving you with a cliffhanger that guarantees a further season… a season that may take over a year to make. What do you do? Lock yourself in and hibernate until season ‘insert number’ releases? We have a better idea; enjoy some TV themed slot free spins! You would be surprised to see what kind of shows have been adapted into slot games. Here’s a few of our favourite sites to find TV related games:
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Most Popular TV Themed Slots

Is playing a slot the same as watching your favourite series on the box? Well, no - but your TV can’t pay you... unlike a slot machine. You will find that many popular TV shows have been converted into online slots, with Microgaming and Playtech being the two prime forces in the TV themed slot space. We’ll include some of our favourites here, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for try the search bar above - there are literally hundreds of TV related games - far too many to just mention here!

Game of Thrones Slots

Our favourite fantasy tale strewn with sex, violence and betrayal is also a superb online slot by developer Microgaming. This 15 payline slot features memorable imagery from the series, like the imposing Iron Throne and the crests of the famous houses. If you have ever dreamed of pledging your allegiance to one of these mighty houses, then your fantasy is about to come true. Activate the free spins bonus round and you can choose one of the four houses, each coming with their own number of free spins and multipliers.

Ever wanted to give the Lannisters the middle finger? Here's your chance!

Our favourite part of the slot? The gamble bonus round; usually, games that feature a gamble bonus will allow you to pick a colour of a face down card. It’s a tried and tested formula which doesn’t seem fitting for the land of Westeros. So instead, Game of Thrones slots allows you to play a gamble bonus where you travel the entire world map, with scenes and familiar characters to greet you along the way. And you can double your winnings up to a total of five times. Quite simply, this is the perfect slot for any GOT fan.

South Park Slots

Let’s be honest; South Park is just about the barmiest programme on TV - so it would only be fitting that a creative developer like NetEnt could bring the show to life in all its animated glory. Continuing the often surreal adventures of Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick - there’s plenty of easter eggs and subtle nods to fans of the series. The bonus rounds are themed after each of the boys and is imbued with their individual quirks and personalities. For instance, Stan puking on his sweetheart Wendy, creating an array of sticky (and slightly disgusting) wilds.

Each of the boys has their own distinctive bonus

Obviously there was also going to be a bonus round involving Kenny placing himself into a fatal position and NetEnt deliver in style. We have Kyle kicking his baby brother during one of the most hilarious TV themed free spins rounds out there. And finally we have Cartman, the Cheeto gobbling fourth component of the group who is totally not fat (it’s a sweet hockey body remember) - he will give your wins a much needed boost with a spot of hippie hunting in the woods. Bonkers and brilliant - NetEnt nailed the South Park Slot.

Classic Batman Slots

There was a time when Batman wasn’t all about extravagant gadgets, extreme martial arts and ultra machismo. And that time was during the sixties - a time where Batman took camp to the next level alongside his scantily clad sidekick: Robin. Starring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin, the dynamic duo would fight all sorts of villains from the Joker to the Penguin, thwarting evil schemes and creating some of the cheesiest cliffhangers ever. All of which was captured in spirit by Playtech’s phenomenal Batman slots based on the classic series.

You'll have a smile on your face with this slot...

Each of these games offers players something different, referencing scenes and quotes that have made the sixties series such a much loved cult classic. Batman and the Joker Jewels pits the Bat against the clown prince of crime - watch as the mortal enemies battle it out in the Joker vs Batman free spins; and laugh like a certain makeup wearing villain knowing that theoretically the spins could be infinite. Each of these games really tweaks the mechanics from the last making each one a joy to play. There’s also a networked progressive jackpot between the slots - and unlike many other progressive jackpot games that require the max bet to win the jackpot (we’re looking at you Jackpot Giant) - the progressive round can be activated with any value spin!

Check out Batman and the Joker Jewels Slots

Other TV Themed Slots

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